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地道川菜 • 四川火鍋

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Lunch: 11:00am -03:00pm

Dinner: 04:30pm-10:00pm


Sunday: 11:00am-09:00pm



Chinese Restaurant

Tel: 503-227-3136

Fax: 503-227-3084

5331 SW Macadam Ave. #115

Portland, Oregon 97239



About us


Located in the beautiful city of Portland, our restaurant has been dedicated to offering the most memorable dining experience for you.


We pick ingredients carefully and use only the freshest and natural food to prepare every dish. We try to cook in a healthier way to provide the most nutritious cuisine. Much attention has been attached to ensure you a cozy and inviting ambiance where you could enjoy not only the great meal but also the authentic atmosphere.


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Szechuan Chef, another Washington import, spices up Southwest Portland.

Szechuan Chef goes deeper into authentic Chinese cuisine than its predecessor with a long menu highlighting a potpourri of flavors, including that cumin lamb (originally a Uighur dish from Xinjiang province), soup dumplings (popularized in Shanghai) and a sizable list of tongue-tingling Sichuan dishes.

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Szechuan Chef opened in John's Landing earlier this summer to put an end to my long, dark journey. Live seafood wells with meaty fish and petulant crab stand in the lobby, and four dining rooms on three levels are tastefully decorated with sturdy marble-like tables, upholstered leather chairs, and wrought-iron railings (photos on their website seem to show the restaurant's Bellevue location, and are misleading). While I've occasionally gotten the wary "are you sure you want to order that (we don't want you sending those intestines back)" treatment when asking for an unusual dish, the service standard is efficient and unobtrusive.

What The Critic Saw - Szechuan Chef posted by Chris Onsta  -


"This place would kill downtown," said Nick, the obstreperous bartender with whom I regularly share review meals. He'd turned me on to Szechuan Chef, the fairly recent addition to the Water Tower building in John's Landing, and we were sharing a table of Chong Qing chicken, xiao long bao, hand-shaven noodles, and cumin lamb. It was bold food, with layers of flavor and texture, and despite Szechuan cuisine's reputation for being VERY SPICY YOU SURE YOU LIKE?, the heat did just what it was supposed to: a bit of numbing, a bit of flush, a bit of high. I don't even think I broke a sweat, although you certainly can if you make sure the kitchen knows you want it hot. After a few post-review visits on my own dime, I fully stand by my assertion that this is one of the best, if not the best, Chinese restaurants in Portland. From the fresh, house-made chili paste and black vinegar on the condiment tray, on through to the roster of unusual dishes and live crab wells, it's served quickly in a clean, upscale dining room.

  • Menu listings                            主菜单

    You can open download and save the menu collection as a PDF here

    #✴ = Spicy level

    Call in your order  503-227-3136

    特色菜 - Chef’s Special

    飯類 - Rice Dishes


    手 抓 餅

    干 煸 四 季 豆

    蜜 汁 核 桃 蝦

    麻 婆 豆 腐

    四 川 香 辣 蟹

    四 川 凉 麵

    糖 醋 魚 片

    魚 香 茄 子

    蒜 泥 白 肉

    重 慶 辣 子 雞

    夫 妻 肺 片

    香 辣 大 頭 蝦

    水 煮 牛

    小 炒 肉 絲

    回 鍋 肉

    孜 然 羊

    樟 茶 鸭











    3✴ Hot & spicy special hand shaved noodle .10.95

          House special pan cake ...3.99

    2✴ Dry cooked string bean ...9.95

          Honey walnut prawn ...13.95

    3✴ Mapo tofu Szechuan style ...8.95

    5✴ Szechuan spicy crab ...Seasonal price

    2✴ Szechuan cold noodle ...6.95

          Crispy fish sweet & sour sauce ...12.95

    2✴ Eggplant in hot garlic sauce ...8.95

    2✴ White meat garlic sauce ...7.95

    5✴ Chong Qing hot chicken ...11.95

    3✴ Mixed beef with hot sauce ...6.95

    5✴ Szechuan style prawns with shell ...12.95

    5✴ Sliced beef in hot & spicy gravy ...12.95

    2✴ Pan fried shredded pork ...10.95

    2✴ Twice cooked pork Szechuan style ...10.95

    3✴ Cumin lamb ...12.95

          Smoked duck ...13.95

    5✴ Special Hot Spicy Fish Clay Pot...14.95

    3✴ Szechuan Soft Tofu Fish Fillet...14.95

    2✴ Pork Spareribs w/ Spicy Salt...10.95

    5✴ Szechuan Style Pork Spareribs...11.95

          Golden Garlic Pork Spareribs...12.95

    5✴ Chong Qing Styled Fish Fillet...14.95

    5✴ Special Intestine & Fish Clay Pot...15.95

    3✴ Cumin Pork Spareribs...10.95

    5✴ Dried Cooked Pork Spareribs...12.95

          Chong Qing Hot Pork Spareribs...12.95












    特色凉菜 - Special Cold Dishes

    頭檯 - Appetizer

    上 海 小 籠 包

    叉 燒

    水 餃 ( 鍋 貼 )

    葱 油 餅

    春 卷

    手 抓 餅

    紅 油 抄 手

                Shanghai style pork dumpling (10) ...7.95

                B.B.Q. pork ...7.95

    01.       Pot sticker (steamed or fried) (8) ...6.95

    02.       Green onion pancake ...3.99

    03.       Vegetable egg rolls (3) ...3.99

    04.       House special pancake ...3.99

    05. 2✴ Szechuan wonton dry style ...6.95

    夫 妻 肺 片

    蒜 泥 白 肉

    川 北 凉 粉

    麻 辣 牛 肉

    四 川 凉 麵

    甜 水 烏 冬 麵

    口 水 雞

    怪 味 雞

    麻 辣 雞

    笋 尖 香 干

    酸 辣 黄 瓜









    06  3✴ Mixed beef with hot sauce ...6.95

    07. 2✴ Garlic pork breast ...7.95

    08. 3✴ Szechuan bean Jelly ...5.99

    09. 3✴ Thinly sliced marinated beef ...6.95

    10. 2✴ Szechuan cold noodle ...6.95

    11. 2✴ House special udon noodle ...7.95

    12. 3✴ House special chicken ...7.95

    13. 2✴ 5 flavor chicken w/scallions(bone on) .7.95

    14. 3✴ Thinly sliced marinated chicken ...7.95

    15. 2✴ Bamboo shoot & dry bean curd ...4.99

    16. 2✴ Hot & sour cucumber pieces ...5.99

    N         Szechuan Kidney w/ Hot Oil...6.95

           House Special Chicken Feet...6.95

    N         Cold Sticky Rick Cake...6.95

    N         Hot & Spicy Dried Bean Curd...6.95

    N         Hot & Spicy Kidney...6.95

    N         Hot & Spicy Diced Chicken...6.95

    N         Hot Spicy Bean Jelly ...6.95

    N         Sweet & Sour Pickles...6.95

    湯羹類 - Soup

    酸 辣 湯

    蛋 花 湯

    豆 尖 煎 蛋 湯

    番 茄 煎 蛋 湯

    酸 菜 鱼 片 湯

    西 湖 牛 肉 羹

    海 鲜 豆 腐 羹

    酸 辣 雲 吞 湯

    素 菜 豆 腐 湯

    17 1✴ Hot & sour soup ........(S) 1.50 .... (L) ...6.95

    18.       Egg drop flower soup .(S) 1.50 ... (L) ..6.95

    19.       Fried string bean w/egg soup ...8.95

    20.       Fried tomatoes with egg soup ...8.95

    21. 1✴ Preserved veg w/sliced fish soup ...13.95

    22.       Westlake beef soup ...9.95

    23.       Seafood tofu soup ...10.95

    24. 2✴ Hot & sour garlic wonton soup ...7.95

    25.       Assorted vegetable tofu soup ...8.95

    各 式 炒 飯

    ( 雞 / 牛 / 肉 / 素 菜 )

    揚 州 炒 飯

    什 錦 炒 飯

    海 鮮 炒 飯


    26 Special fried rice ...7.95

    Choice of meat: chicken / beef / pork / vegetable.

    27. Yang Zhou fried rice ...8.95

    28. Combination fried rice ...8.95

    29. Seafood fried rice ...9.95

    30. Salted fish w/diced chicken fried rice ...9.95

    湯麵類 - Noodle Soup

    四 川 牛 肉 麵

    紅 燒 牛 肉 麵

    担 担 麵

    海 鮮 湯 麵



    什 錦 湯 麵

    ( 刀 削 麵 或 细 麵

    31        Szechuan beef noodle soup ...8.95

    32.       Braised beef noodle soup ...8.95

    33. 2✴ Dan-dan noodle ...7.95

    34.       Seafood noodle soup ...8.25

    35. 1✴ Preserved veg pork intestine noodle...7.95

    36.       Vegetable & tofu noodle soup ...7.95

    37.       Combination noodle soup ...8.25

                (hand shaved noodle or u-don noodle)

    炒麵類 - Chow Mein / Crispy Noodle



    什 錦 兩 面 黄

    海 鲜 兩 面 黄


    ( 刀 削 麵 或 细 麵 )


    什 錦 炒 麵

    海 鮮 炒 麵

    38.       Chow Mein or crispy noodle ...10.95

                Choice of meat : chicken / beef / pork / veg

    39.       Combination crispy noodle ...11.95

    40.       Seafood crispy noodle ...11.95

    41. 2✴ Special hot chow mein ...10.95

                (hand shaved noodle or soft noodle)

                Choice of meat: chicken / beef / pork / veg

    42.       Combination chow mein ...9.95

    43.       Seafood chow mein ...10.95

    雞類 - Chicken Dishes

    宫 保 雞 丁

    腰 果 雞 丁

    咖 喱 雞 片

    四 季 豆 雞

    豉 椒 雞 片

    干 烹 雞

    芝 麻 雞

    陳 皮 雞

    甜 酸 雞

    檸 檬 雞

    蒙 古 雞

    孜 然 雞

    鱼 香 脆 皮 雞

    重 慶 辣 子 雞

    芥 蘭 雞

    剁 椒 雞

    泡 椒 雞

    木 须 雞

    44. 1✴ Kung Pao chicken ...9.95

    45.      Cashew nut chicken ...9.95

    46.      Curry chicken ...9.95

    47.      String bean chicken ...9.95

    48. 1✴ Sliced chicken in black bean sauce ...9.95

    49  3✴ Mandarin crispy chicken ...9.95

    50.       Sesame chicken ...9.95

    51.       Orange chicken ...9.95

    52.       Sweet & sour chicken ...9.95

    53.       Lemon chicken ...9.95

    54  2✴ Mongolian chicken ...9.95

    55. 3✴ Cumin chicken ...10.95

    56. 2✴ Crispy chicken in hot garlic sauce ...10.95

    57. 5✴ Chong Qing hot chicken ...11.95

    58.       Broccoli chicken ...9.95

    59. 2✴ Chopped pepper chicken ...10.95

    60. 3✴ Chicken pickle chili ...9.95

    61.       Moo shu chicken ...10.95

    牛羊類 - Beef & Lamb Dishes

    蒙 古 牛

    芥 蘭 牛

    孜 然 牛

    豆 花 牛

    水 煮 牛

    小 炒 牛

    木 須 牛

    葱 爆 牛

    雙 菇 牛

    魚 香 牛

    豉 椒 牛

    素 菜 牛

    四 季 豆 牛

    豆 花 羊

    孜 然 羊

    葱 爆 羊

    小 炒 羊

    香 水 魚 羊 煲

    80. 1✴ Mongolian beef ...10.95

    81.       Broccoli beef ...9.95

    82. 3✴ Cumin beef ...11.95

    83. 3✴ Soft tofu beef ...12.95

    84. 5✴ Sliced beef in hot & spicy gravy ...12.95

    85. 2✴ Toss fried beef with cilantro ...11.95

    86.       Moo shu beef ...12.95

    87.       Pan fried onion beef ...11.95

    88.       Double delight mushroom beef ...10.95

    89. 2✴ Beef in hot garlic sauce ...9.95

    90. 1✴ Beef in black bean sauce ...9.95

    91.       Assorted vegetable beef ...9.95

    92.       String bean beef ...9.95

    93. 3✴ Soft tofu lamb ...13.95

    94. 3✴ Cumin lamb ...12.95

    95.       Pan fried onion lamb ...12.95

    96. 2✴ Toss fried lamb with cilantro .... 12.95

    97. 5✴ Spicy sauce lamb hot pot ...13.95

    豬肉類 - Pork Dishes

    魚 香 肉 絲



    香 干 肉 絲

    尖 椒 肉 絲

    小 炒 肉 絲

    回 鍋 肉

    甜 酸 肉

    木 須 肉

    四 季 豆 肉

    生 炒 鹽 煎 肉

    蒜 苗 臘 肉

    干 鍋 臘 肉

    干 鍋 肥 腸

    螞 蟻 上 樹

    毛 血 旺

    麻 婆 豆 腐

    火 爆 腰 花

    五 更 腸 旺

    62. 2 Shredded pork in hot garlic sauce ...9.95

    63. 1 Chinese celery shredded pork,

                                               dry bean curd...10.95

    64.       Shredded pork dry bean curd ...9.95

    65. 3 Wild chili shredded pork ...9.95

    66. 2 Pan fried shredded pork ...10.95

    67. 2 Twice cooked pork Szechuan style ...10.95

    68.       Sweet & sour pork ...9.95

    69.       Moo shu pork ...10.95

    70.       String bean pork ...9.95

    71. 2 Sliced pork belly with peppers ...10.95

    72.       Smoked pork with garlic leaf ...10.95

    73. 5 Dry cooked pork riblet hot pot ...12.95

    74. 5 Dry cooked pork intestine hot pot ...12.95

    75. 2 Ant on a tree ...8.95

    76. 5 Intestine & fish in hot sauce ...13.95

    77. 3 Mapo tofu with minced pork ...8.95

    78. 2 Pan fried kidney in spicy garlic sauce .10.95

    79. 2 Intestine in spicy gravy hot pot ...11.95

    海鮮類 - Seafood Dishes

    紅 燒 全 魚

    干 燒 全 魚

    豆 瓣 全 魚

    清 蒸 全 魚

    四 川 香 辣 蟹

    姜 葱 蟹

    蜜 汁 核 桃 蝦

    魚 香 蝦

     左 宗 蝦

    甜 酸 蝦

    香 辣 大 頭 蝦

    椒 鹽 蝦

    素 菜 蝦

    四 季 豆 蝦

    宫 保 蝦

    腰 果 蝦

    豆 瓣 魚 片

    香 辣 魚

    水 煮 魚

    泡 椒 魚

    剁 椒 魚

    熘 魚 片

    糖 醋 魚 片

    豆 花 魚

    回 鍋 魚

    香 辣 魷 魚

    魚 香 雙 鮮

    泡 椒 雙 鮮

    海 鲜 豆 腐 煲

    鍋 巴 海 鲜

    98.         Braised whole fish in supreme sauce Seasonal

    99.   2✴ Hot braised whole fish ............. Seasonal price

    100. 2✴ Fish w/hot black bean sauce ... Seasonal price

    101.       Steamed Fish ...........................Seasonal price

    102. 5✴ Szechuan spicy crab ................Seasonal price

    103.       Ginger and onion crab ..............Seasonal price

    104.       Honey walnut prawn ...13.95

    105. 2✴ Prawn in hot garlic sauce ...11.95

    106. 2✴ General Tsao’s’ prawn ...11.95

    107.       Sweet & sour prawn ...11.95

    108. 5✴ Szechuan style prawns with shell ...12.95

    109. 1✴ Salt & pepper prawn ...12.95

    110.       Prawn & assorted vegetable ...10.95

    111.       String bean prawn ...10.95

    112. 1✴ Kung Pao prawn ...10.95

    113.       Cashewnut prawn ...10.95

    114. 2✴ Fish fi let with hot black bean sauce ...13.95

    115. 5✴ Deep fried fi sh Szechuan style ...13.95

    116. 5✴ Sliced fish in hot & spicy gravy ...13.95

    117. 3✴ Fish filet with pickled pepper ...12.95

    118. 3✴ Fish filet w/chopped hot chili pepper ...12.95

    119.       Pan fried sliced fi sh ...11.95

    120.       Sweet & sour fish ...12.95

    121. 3✴ Soft tofu fish ...13.95

    122. 2✴ Twice cooked fish Szechuan style ...13.95

    123. 5✴ Squid in spicy sauce ...12.95

    124. 2✴ Double seafood in hot garlic sauce ...12.95

    125. 3✴ Pickle chili with double seafood ...12.95

    126.       Seafood tofu hot pot ...11.95

    127.       Seafood with sizzling rice ...13.95

    豆腐,素菜類 - Tofu / Vegetable Dishes

    鱼 香 豆 腐

    雙 菇 豆 腐

    核 桃 豆 腐

    木 須 豆 腐

    家 常 豆 腐

    茄 子 豆 腐

    唐 芹 香 干

    干 煸 四 季 豆

    蒜 蓉 四 季 豆

    尖 椒 土 豆 絲

    酸 溜 土 豆 絲

    魚 香 茄 子

    番 茄 炒 蛋

    黄 瓜 炒 蛋

    魚 香 芥 蘭

    蒜 蓉 芥 蘭

    素 什 錦

    干 鍋 豆 腐

    干 鍋 鮮 菇

    開 洋 白 菜

    開 洋 菜 心

    128. 2✴ Tofu in hot garlic sauce ...9.95

    129.       Double delight tofu ...9.95

    130.       Honey walnut crispy tofu ...10.95

    131.       Moo shu tofu ...10.95

    132. 2✴ Deep fried tofu Szechaun style ...8.95

    133.       Eggplant with deep fried tofu ...8.95

    134. 2✴ Chinese celery shredded dry tofu ...10.95

    135. 2✴ Dry cooked string bean ...9.95

    136.       String bean garlic sauce ...9.95

    137. 3✴ Shredded potatoes wild chili ...8.95

    138.       Pan fried sour shredded potatoes ...8.95

    139. 2✴ Eggplant hot garlic sauce ...8.95

    140.       Stir fried tomatoes & egg ...7.95

    141.       Stir fried cucumber & egg ...7.95

    142. 2✴ Broccoli in hot garlic sauce ...8.95

    143.       Broccoli with garlic sauce ....8.95

    144.       Assort vegetable ...8.95

    145. 5✴ Dry cooked tofu hot pot ...11.95

    146. 5✴ Dry cooked mushroom hot pot ...12.95

    147.       Stir-fried napa with dry shrimp ...10.95

    148.       Stir-fried baby bok choy ...10.95

    盡情吃火鍋 - All You Can Eat Hot Pot

    $16.99/person *** serve for 2 or more

    Under 6 years old free ** 6-9 years old half price *

    Friday, Saturday & holiday add $1.00 per person


    兩位起, 0-6 歲免费, 6-9 歲半价

    周五, 周六, 周日及假期每位加收一元

    Mon-Thurs: 11:00am-3:00pm 4:30pm-9:00pm

    Friday: 11:00am-3:00pm 4:30pm-10:00pm

    Saturday: 11:00am-10:00pm

    Sunday: 11:00am-9:00pm

    Steamed rice $1.00 per order - spicy

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    Prices subject to change without notice

  • Lunch specials                     特價午餐

    You can open download and save the menu collection as a PDF here

    #✴ = Spicy level

    Call in your order  503-227-3136

    素菜類 - Vegetarian

    牛肉類 - Beef

    素 什 錦

    鱼 香 芥 蘭

    鱼 香 茄 子

    干 煸 四 季 豆

    香 菇 豆 腐

    香 菇 菜 心

    尖 椒 土 豆 絲

    L1.        Stir-fried assorted vegetable ...6.95

    L2. 2✴  Broccoli in hot garlic sauce ...6.95

    L3. 2✴  Eggplant in hot garlic sauce ...6.95

    L4. 1✴  Dry cooked string bean ...6.95

    L5.        Stir-fried mushroom with tofu ...6.95

    L6.        Stir-fried mushroom w/baby bok choy ... 6.95

    L7. 1✴  Shredded potato w/wild chili & spicy sauce ...6.95

    蒙 古 牛

    豉 椒 牛

    魚 香 牛

    芥 蘭 牛

    四 季 豆 牛

    泡 椒 牛

    尖 椒 牛

    L29. 1✴ Mongolian beef ...7.95

    L30. 1✴ Beef in black bean sauce ...7.95

    L31. 2✴ Beef in hot garlic sauce ...7.95

    L32.       Broccoli beef ...7.95

    L33.       Shredded beef string bean ...7.95

    L34. 3✴ Beef with pickled chili ...7.95

    L35. 3✴ Wild chili beef ...7.95

    雞類 - Chicken

    海鮮類 - Seafood

    蒙 古 雞

    尖 椒 雞

    宫 保 雞

    豉 椒 雞

    芥 蘭 雞

    素 菜 雞

    四 季 豆 雞

    腰 果 雞

    剁 椒 雞

    芝 麻 雞

    甜 酸 雞

    干 烹 雞

    陳 皮 雞

    L8.   1✴ Mongolian chicken ...6.95

    L9.   3✴ Wild chili chicken ...6.95

    L10  1✴ Kung Pao chicken ...6.95

    L11. 1✴ Chicken in black bean sauce ...6.95

    L12.       Broccoli chicken ...6.95

    L13.       Shredded chicken with vegetable ...6.95

    L14.       String bean chicken ...6.95

    L15.       Cashewnut chicken ...7.95

    L16. 2Chopped pepper with chicken ...7.95

    L17.       Sesame chicken ...7.95

    L18.       Sweet & sour chicken ...7.95

    L19. 2Mandarin crispy chicken ...7.95

    L20.       Orange chicken ...7.95

    豬肉類 - Pork

    麻 婆 豆 腐

    香 干 肉 絲

    鱼 香 肉 絲

    四 季 豆 肉

    小 炒 肉 絲

    蒜 苗 臘 肉

    回 鍋 肉

    甜 酸 肉

    L21. 3 Mapo tofu with mince pork ...6.95

    L22.       Shredded pork dry bean curd ...6.95

    L23. 2 Shredded pork in hot garlic sauce ...6.95

    L24.       Shredded pork string bean ...6.95

    L25. 2 Pan fried shredded pork ...6.95

    L26.       Smoked pork with garlic leaf ...7.95

    L27. 2 Twice cooked pork Szechuan style ...7.95

    L28.       Sweet & sour pork ...7.90

    宫 保 蝦

    素 菜 蝦

    魚 香 蝦

    四 季 豆 蝦

    泡 椒 蝦

    剁 椒 魚

    溜 魚 片

    L36. 1✴ Kung Pao prawn ...7.95

    L37.       Prawn with assorted vegetable ...7.95

    L38. 2✴ Prawn in hot garlic sauce ...7.95

    L39.       Prawn string bean ...7.95

    L40. 3✴ Prawn with pickle chili ...7.95

    L41. 2✴ Fish fillet with chopped hot chili pepper ..7.95

    L42.       Pan fried sliced fish ...7.95

    盡情吃火鍋 - All You Can Eat Hot Pot


    $16.99/person *** serve for 2 or more

    * under 6 years old free ** 6-9 years old half price *

    friday, saturday & holiday add $1.00 per person


    兩位起, 0-6 歲免费, 6-9 歲半价

    周五, 周六, 周日及假期每位加收一元

    Steamed rice $1.00 per order

    Mon-Thurs: 11:00am-3:00pm 4:30pm-9:00pm

    Friday: 11:00am-3:00pm 4:30pm-10:00pm

    Saturday: 11:00am-10:00pm

    Sunday: 11:00am-9:00pm

    Prices subject to change without notice

  • All you can eat Hot Pot     盡情吃火鍋

    盡情吃火鍋  All You Can Eat Hot Pot


    Adult 成年人 $16.99/person

    Children 小童 (Age 6-10, 45”—55”) $8.99/person



    Soup Base - 湯底


    1. Half Spicy & Half Plain Soup  2. Ma La Spicy Soup 3. Plain Soup

    1. 鴛鴦湯底    2. 麻辣湯底  3. 清湯湯底


    Meat -肉類


    Pork   豬肉     Beef  牛肉

    Pork Belle  五花肉    Beef Tripe  牛百葉

    Smoked Pork  四川臘肉    Beef Ball  牛肉丸

    Pork Intestine  豬肥腸    Lamb  羊肉

    Chinese Pork Sausage  白油腸   Fish Fillet  魚片

    Chicken  雞肉     Fish Ball  魚丸


    Vegetable & Noodle - 蔬菜 & 麵食


    Tofu  豆腐     Potato  土豆

    Bean Sprouts  豆芽    Enoki Mushrooms  金針菇

    See Weed  海帶     Bamboo Shoot  筍尖

    Napa  大白菜     Wood Fungus  雲耳

    Cauliflower  白菜花    U-don Noodle  烏冬面

    Broccoli  西蘭花     Sweet Potato Thread  紅薯粉

    Baby Bok Choy  青岡菜    Rice Stick Noodle  粉丝

    Chinese Broccoli  中芥蘭   Noodle  龍鬚麵


    You can open download and save the menu collection as a PDF here

    Call in your order  503-227-3136

    Mon-Thurs: 11:00am-3:00pm 4:30pm-9:00pm

    Friday: 11:00am-3:00pm 4:30pm-10:00pm

    Saturday: 11:00am-10:00pm

    Sunday: 11:00am-9:00pm


    Tel: 503-227-3136

    Fax: 503-227-3084

    5331 SW Macadam Ave. #115

    Portland, Oregon 97239

    #✴ = Spicy level

    Steamed rice $1.00 per order

    Add $1 on weekend & holidays.

    Prices subject to change without notice

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